St Matthew Lutheran Library



There are about 1000 books and 73 authors catalogued in our church library plus many others dating from 1840's onward from Germany and North America.

Language: English, German, Greek, Russian, Sudanese. They include Gothic and universal fonts.

Subjects include the Reformation, Lutheran (Book of Concord, Augsberg Confession, Catechism, confirmation, baptism, marriage, funerals),Christian and alternate faiths, theology, Pastor/semimary info, self help and development, creation, Christian and Protestant, German history, geneology, Germans from Russia, maps, tools, hymnals, devotions, prayer, various bible types, study material, occasion books (Christmas, Easter etc.)

Media: radio transcripts, books, tapes, videos, CD's, manuals, authors including Luther, C. W. Lewis, Paul Maier.

Ages: ranges from infant to seniors.

Donations of resource material and many volunteer hours have been given by families towards maintaining this collection. Volunteers are welcome. It is a work in progress.

Sign out: There will be a sign out process in the library located in the Parish hall attached to the church sanctuary. The Church secretary can be contacted in office hours for information/access times.


Library 1

Library 1

Library 1